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Worried about the future earnings from your taxi/cab business? Frustrated with the huge commissions that the cab service platforms/apps deduct from every ride your complete? We have a solution for you called WHIDE. We are going to change the way this industry works. Now, you will be the owner of your business – a true businessman who is one’s own master!

ADVANTAGES of the Letstrack GPS Tracker

Mobile GPS and Location-Based Apps for Taxi/Cab Business can never give you the exact location and distance, because of technical reasons. As a result, you end up losing 5-10% revenue of the ride! To resolve that, we are partnering with Asia’s Biggest & Award Winning Real-Time GPS Tracker by Letstrack. It gives you the exact location from metre to metre, foot to foot. Now, be empowered with a transparent platform that changes your life and transforms your earning!

To resolve this issue, we will instal Letstrack’s Real-Time & Voice-Enabled GPS Devices in your vehicle. Since we take the distance directly from GPS devices, you get the exact location from metre to metre, foot to foot. Even if you’re passing through a tunnel or underpass, the device records the exact GPS location every time. Now, be empowered with an advanced and transparent platform that enhances your work experience and increases your earning. We will also offer you other jobs like parcel delivery, food order delivery, grocery and medicine delivery, etc. available in the area which you can’t find on yourself. By this you will be able to make more revenue from the same ride.

GPS Tracker Powered by Letstrack Gives You:

1. Higher fare for every ride you complete
2. No gap in the distance travelled
3. Enhanced security for the customer
4. Complete transparency to you
5. Scheduled rides even when you are offline
6. Orders for parcel delivery even if not online
7. 24x7 online and telephonic support for you

WHIDE Partner Plans


₹10,000 Revenue
50 Rides Max.
GPS Device Optional


₹30,000 Revenue
150 Rides Max.
GPS Device Optional


Unlimited Revenue
Unlimited Rides
GPS Mandatory

WHIDE GPS Tracker Plans


50% Off
Pay Only ₹1,999
GPS Device Optional



25% Off
Pay Only ₹2,999
GPS Device Optional



Pay Only
One-Time Payment or
2 Instalments of
GPS Device Mandatory