Do you want to urgently send some important document or crucial item like a laptop or camera to someone? Whether from home or office or someone else’s place to anywhere. You can now transfer anything from anywhere to anywhere in the form of a parcel. The WHIDE app allows you to book a parcel delivery of any size from very small to the large ones. You can pick your own time-slot and delivery speed. Everything is customisable here!


You can send any urgent parcel within the city or the metropolitan area to any person you want and that will be delivered on the same day. You can get it picked up from anywhere. You don’t need to be physically present to give the parcel to the delivery person. The long queues of post-offices can be tiresome and the heavy price of delivery services could be unfair. But no more! Everything can be done on the WHIDE App. You also get multiple options of delivery time-slot and speed of service as per your budget and convenience.


Many times, you need to quickly send some electronic gadget or equipment like laptop, camera, phone, charger, adapter, etc. to someone who might need it urgently. Courier or postal service is not always the best option as they take time to process it. Secondly, electronic gadgets are prone to damage while in transit so they must be handled with care. The traditional services don’t have much scope for that. This is where WHIDE comes in and makes a big difference. As we run everything on trust, the dispatcher also is your trusted person. He will take care of your gadget-parcel with due diligence.


Often, we need government, bank or medical documents for important or urgent work. It can be a family member who needs your help or you have to complete a banking process. For these, you need official documents - sometimes the originals and sometimes the scanned copies or photocopies. Whatever the case maybe, you need them at the right place and at the right time. With WHIDE, you can ensure they reach you or the other person within time so that your work is not hampered and is completed smoothly.


Jewellery is a precious family thing. It’s not just the high-value associated with it but also the emotions. That’s why its security is very crucial. So, what do you do when you need some jewellery from your house or someone else’s place (like a friend’s or family member’s)? You send someone reliable and trustworthy for this task, right? We have Trusted Dispatchers with WHIDE who do it everyday. Moreover, he would be a known person to you and not a stranger so you can completely rely on the person and rest assured that your work is done on time and with great care.